15 Immunity Boosting Gifts For Lovedones

Immunity boosting is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. It helps keep you healthy by protecting you from the effects of infections and the diseases they can cause. Immunization is one of the best ways to boost your immunity. 15 immunty boosting gifts for lovedones..

1. Revital H

Calcium, iron and vitamin D help in maintaining healty bones, natural ginseng and magnesium alleviate stress, increase energy.

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2. Green Tea Bags

This unique design of teabags allows taste and experience, best immunity booster gifts for lovedones.

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3. Protein Bar

This protein bar is best gifts for lovedones on bithday, valentines day, Chrismas day or other occasion.

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4. Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi green tea improves digestion and metabolism, helps you to relax and strenghtens immunity.

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5. Triphala Powder

This Triphala powder is best immunity boosting gifts for lovedones, family and friends.

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6. Berries Mix

An assorted combo of berries for healty snacking, rich source of all essential vitamins and minerals.

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7. Organic Turmeric Tea

Give a gift of wellness and good health to your lovedones for birthday, anniversaries and other occasions.

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8. Mixed Berries, Nuts And Seeds

They are a fantastic source of fiber and vitamin E and help keep your heart healthy and bodies disease free.

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9. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol content and gives you instant germ protection, help protect you when out of home.

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10. Hand Wash

Keeps hand clean and protects against infection causing germs contains advanced germ protection ingredient.

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11. Himalaya Ashvagandha

It also helps combat pent-up fatique and gives a boost to the energy levels, improve sleep quality.

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12. Sanitizer Spray

This sanitizer Spray is best gift for lovedoned on birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

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13. Face Shield Mask

This face shield mask has extremely smooth texture, anti-fog clear transparent, comfortable to wear.

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14. Face Mask

Face mask provides protection against dust and pollution from air and protection against bodily fluid.

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15. White Cap

Best keep your hands and head clean, best use for home, hospitals, clinics or gathering place.

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